2023 Civic League Membership Dues

Hello Alanton neighbors, it’s time to pay your Dues! This is the Civic League’s annual request to fund the Civic League. With Membership Dues, the Civic League is able to: 

  • Pay for Lawncare and Maintenance at the Entryway year-round. 
  • Pay for Irrigation repairs and maintenance to keep our gardens looking beautiful.
  • Pay the electric bill to run the well pump and lighting.
  • Pay the bills for Insurance, postage, and print costs.
  • Pay for Website services and support.
  • Incidental or unplanned expenses like tree services.
  • Plan and pay for events like the 4th of July Parade and the Spring Egg Hunt.
  • Reimburse volunteers who pay for necessities out of their own pocket (Holiday lights, repairs, replacement plants, pine straw).

In 2022 the Civic League was impacted by higher costs for all services and utilities. To cover basic costs, we had to increase the annual dues to $50. We live in an amazing neighborhood, unlike any other. The Civic League strives to maintain and care for our beautiful, historic neighborhood, but we need your support! With your support and membership, we can do more than cover basic costs. We can set and reach new goals as a neighborhood. Please mail your membership dues in by April 15th

We’d like to do more! With your financial support, here are some of the projects and goals we’ve got planned for 2023:

Become a Member or Volunteer Today!

All resident families of Alanton are eligible to join the Alanton Civic League. Dues are $50.00 per year. Dues may be mailed to: Alanton Civic League, P.O. Box 4337, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

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