Membership Dues and Donations

Thank you for considering a membership dues payment or donation to the Alanton Civic League. Your support helps to fund the many programs and initiatives that make our neighborhood a wonderful place to live. Membership dues are $50 per year and go towards supporting community events, maintenance of common areas, and other neighborhood improvements. Donations are also welcome and greatly appreciated. Any amount, big or small, helps to support our community and keep it thriving. We thank you for your generosity and support, and look forward to working together to make Alanton an even better place to live.

How to pay your annual Membership Dues and Donations:

Please find “how-to” of how NOT to pay ANY processing fees. Please see the picture & steps below. Thanks again for any and all contributions!

  1. Click on the amount you want to donate. Our yearly dues are $50.
  2. Then click “Other” instead of adding a tip above payment method.
  3. Next click “Edit” and “Uncheck” the box where it says “I want to cover fees.”
  4. Then you can proceed to checking out to whatever form of payment you’d like.